Jade Aldan


Character Attributes: Jade is a skilled medic, along with being an excellent shot.

Physical Description: Jade is a small individual, not standing any taller than 5’ 6”. However, her size is not a representation of her strength and cunning in the battlefield. She has blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a fairly nasty scar that runs the length of her right arm. She is approximately 25 years old.


Special Operator Jade Aldan is a relative newcomer to the Orion Unit, having been a recent recruit to Rebellion Special Operations. A native of Ord Mantel, she is quite accustomed to operations in the Outer Rim and quickly found herself at home with the unit. Burch, being the Senior Operator on board the Kreig, decided to take her under his wing and taught the young girl everything he knew about killing Imperials and staying true to a cause. The two have a close “familial” bond with one another, but have been on separate operations for the past few months without contact.

At one point, her Corellian Engineering Corporation Vanguard-Class Heavy Assault Gunship suffered mechanical problems, and she was forced to crash-land on Tatooine, killing her crew. Jade was captured on her way into town by thugs in the employ of a local crime lord and imprisoned. She managed to escape, but her starfighter was hauled away by a group of raiders looking to make a profit by selling it off for scrap to a man by the name of Reom…