Of Scum and Villainy

Escape From Mos Shuuta

The Adventurers started off fighting for their lives escaping Teemo’s clutches in a local cantina called “Jar Jar Drinks”. After getting a tip that there is a parked, defective ship in Mos Shuuta, the group decided that finding that ship to leave the little town was the best decision, considering they all have considerable bounties.

They were sent towards a junkyard to find an HMRI part for the defective ship. Slith knew exactly what he was looking for and found it on a top shelf. Galen finally convinced the irritated shop owner to sell it to them for a discounted price, thinking they were sent by Trex himself.

They then traveled cautiously to the spaceport control center where Kevin convinced a couple of droids to let them in under orders of Trex. Once inside, they eventually unlocked the docking bay for the YT-1300 light freighter, The Krayt Fang after convincing successfully for the third time in a row that they were under orders of Trex to do so.

On their walk to landing bay Aurek, they were spotted by a couple of Stormtrooper platoons. Aurelius advised caution and led them to run away into a slagworks compound where mining was taking place. Using the workers and equiptment as cover, they were able to escape stealthily into landing bay Aurek.

Since Slith knew EXACTLY how to install the HMRI (Thanks to a Triumph), he immediately got to work after convincing YET AGAIN to two droids that they were sent by Trex to fix the ship. Soon after he started work on the ship, Trex himself came upon the group with a fury.

Slith finished the HMRI installation right when the stormtroopers started running into the scene. The adventurers ran into the ship, and made haste off the planet’s surface.

They quickly found out that they were being chased down by several TIE-fighters. They took a lot of damage, but were able to make it to light speed before they were shot down.

They are currently headed to the planet Ryloth, as this was Trex’s last point of destination and the party didn’t change the destination.


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