Galen Naur

The Defective Imperial


Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 5’ 10"
Build: Slender
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Red


Growing up in the slums of Coruscant Galen Naur learned early on how to survive by his own means. When the Military Creation Act was passed, Galen Naur enlisted with the Republic Army at it’s inception when he was 19 years old. He was placed in the Reconnaissance division of the Army and served there for the duration of the Clone Wars. After the reorganization of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire, Galen was transferred to the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) due to his exceptional investigative skills and ability to manipulate individuals.

Galen would serve with the ISB for 10 years before the “Human High Culture” (HHC) began to take effect within the Imperial Ranks. As the HHC became more prominent, all non-human Imperial troops were assigned to one of two Companies. Zulu company for the Imperial Armed Forces and Epsilon Company for the ISB.

The leader of Epsilon Company was Constable Oriana Timber, a fiery woman with a passion for command. It wasn’t long after the non-humans were assigned to these company’s that Galen began to hear of the disappearances of non-humans in Zulu company. Using the tools at his disposal as an ISB agent, he discovered the horrifying truth behind the reassignment of Zulu and Epsilon Company’s.

The non-humans were being, “removed” from the Empire. It was then that Galen knew he had to leave the Imperial Forces as he knew the same fate awaited him. He fled ISB headquarters that very evening, and sent a message to his fellow non-humans in Epsilon so that they may have a chance to escape.

It has been several years since his escape from ISB, and Galen now makes a living as a smuggler. His desire for survival called back to the days of his youth, when stealing, lying, and cheating were the only way to get by. In the years following his desertion he was very cautious and always wary of capture by Imperial Forces. He knew the inevitable execution for his crimes.

However after several years, it was clear that the Empire had forgotten him, or so he thought. A few months ago he received an anonymous message from someone within Epsilon company, that would strike Galen to his core.

Oriana, his old Constable, is seeking the position of General and to ensure that her vetting process goes unhindered has taken steps to remove any blemishes from her past commands. This includes a high number of non-human deserters from the time of “The Cleansing”. The message states that to ensure the job is done properly, Oriana has hired the notoriously vicious and effective bounty hunter Bossk to find and eliminate all deserters. Following the receipt of this news, Galen lays low for a couple months on Tatooine where he can hopefully blend in with the rest of the scum.

Galen Naur

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